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Providing Value and Ingenuity


Without compromising quality ADOLPH JOHNSON & SON CO.’s experience and knowledge delivers cost effectiveness thru materials, methods and timely completion of the work resulting in the value received of controlled cost and quality work.


ADOLPH JOHNSON & SON CO. knows the best results are obtained when all the many participants, the owner, designer, workers, suppliers and subcontractors in the construction process work together with open communication and consideration for each other’s needs. Our process and relationship building facilitate the teamwork required for a successful project.


We treat others as we want to be treated. Sometimes this means making some difficult choices but we believe in doing what is best for the long term.


Adolph Johnson and his fellow Swedish carpenters knew only one way of doing things – The Right Way! This founding principle continues to guide our operations.


Treat every project as if it is our only project. Find out what is important to our customer and deliver it.


The passing on of the skills and lessons learned in both the office and the field is an important benefit of a company that has been building for over ninety plus years.

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