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The design/build method of project delivery offers certain advantages to an owner that can make the construction process easier, less expensive, faster and more harmonious.

With the design/build method there is one source responsibility, with the design/builder. The owner will convey the information regarding the requirements and budget to the design/builder. The design/builder then arranges for the design, cost analysis, scheduling and all other aspects right thru to completion of the project.

The design/build process allows for more cost effective construction. Costs are produced early in the design stage to ensure budget compliance. Often the design costs are reduced by the reduced time producing the drawings by eliminating much of the detail required for the bidding process and also certain tasks can be performed by the design/builder as opposed to the design professionals. Additionally the design/builder’s input into the cost effectiveness of a design and the constructability can realize significant savings. Once the scope of work is determine the owner is given a Guaranteed Maximum Price.

Time is saved both in preconstruction and construction phases. In the preconstruction phase time is often saved by the design/builder’s expediting efforts along with elimination of the time spent during the bidding process. Long lead time items can be identified and ordered during the design phase or changed to eliminate delays during construction. 

The nature of the design/build process lends itself to non-adversarial relationships between the owner, builder and design professionals. With the responsibility for the complete project including the design resting with the design/builder the team works together toward a successful project without the need to point fingers of blame for mistakes made or items forgotten.

All of these advantages are contingent on one thing, a competent and trustworthy design/builder.

ADOLPH JOHNSON & SON CO. has been an advocate for and performed utilizing the design/ build process for over 40 years. We do so because in many cases it is the best way to deliver a successful project to our customers.

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